Laundrybat started as an initiative to provide a reliable and express service to our clients. The idea to open this firm started back in 2017 but its execution took well over a year. Our main objective is to provide dry cleaning services through our online booking platform. This online booking platform was created by our business partners. Laundrybat offers services like ironing, dry cleaning, washing, bleaching, roll pressing etc.

We have created a system in which our clients can directly choose from a wide range of plans from our website or they can provide us their own custom needs via chat/call. The firm has employees who have been into this business since the last 25 years. We do not have any affiliations with any other laundry setups. We treat the linen and clothing ourselves instead of giving it to third party affiliate.

The initial phase of the firm was a little challenging as it took almost 6 months to create a fool-proof online portal. Things took a fast turn when the marketing and accounting team joined to accelerate the business forward.